Early Childhood Academy

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Before & After Care

Before and after care are available to all students enrolled in our Preschool & PreK programs at an additional cost.   6:30am-8:30am & 2:30pm-6:30pm

Age 2 1/2 by Oct 1

     As children enter the “terrible twos”, the experience does not have to become one of uncontrollable terror and mayhem.  At this time, children are beginning to explore how much they can control their universe and what the limits are.  The words “no” and “yes”
become powerful ones, allowing them to take ownership of their own boundaries.  With gentle guidance from parents and care providers, children can form limits of control that are compatible with the needs of others as well as their own.
     We will do many arts and crafts where the focus is on the process, not the product. Free play is an important part of a child's early years. It is here that they learn social skills that will be needed the rest of their lives.  Let's not forget Potty Training! We will assist those still in training but we can't do it without your help at home.

Age 3 by Oct 1

The preschooler is becoming more autonomous.  As he or she improves fine and gross motor skills, the child is able to meet many needs with little help from an adult.  We provide a structured curriculum, developing large and small motor skills, cognitive, self help, language (receptive and expressive) and social skills.

Preschoolers spend most of their time playing.  Play is very important to their development.  Play offers an excellent opportunity for language development. They enjoy playing in groups of peers, participating in dramatic play, and having a chance to stretch their imaginations. 

It's very exciting watching our little toddlers becoming big boys and girls!

Age 4 by Oct 1

PreK-4 is an exciting time for children as they prepare for Kindergarten. During this critical time, students will be taught the skills necessary to enter Kindergarten.  Reading - sight words, writing - alphabet, name, numbers, number words, colors...etc, and of course social skills - using our manners, sharing, waiting our turn...etc.  During this time, we will also work on self-help skills - closing our coats, tying our shoes, using the bathroom, washing hands...etc.  

Junior Kindergarten:
Age 5 by Oct 1

This program will be offered to families with children who meet the Kindergarten age cut-off (Age 5 by Oct 1), but are choosing to give their children an additional year of social, emotional and/or academic experience before enrolling in Kindergarten.  This program is only offered in 5 half or full days only.  The school year will include Math & Reading Readiness, Science, Art, Music, History, Language (Spanish & American Sign Language) and encourage character development, independence/self-help skills, team building & social skills. 

School Age Child Care:
Grades K-5

School Bus Transportation available for Marshal Hill, Upper Greenwood Lake, Westbrook, New Beginnings, Maple Road Developmental Preschool and St. Catherine's Schools.
Students are escorted to and from the bus, which picks up right at our door.   The program is structured to allow for snack, homework, self study, and planned activities.  Homework assistance available as needed.